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Line Dance Class ─ Line Dance summer classes are held on Saturdays between May 25 and August 3 at the gym in Robert Frost Middle School from 9 AM to noon.  All are welcome!  For more information, please contact Ms. Carol Hsieh at 240-418-5663 or

排舞班 排舞班五月二十五日至八月三日,逢星期六上午九時至中午十二時假佛洛斯特初中體育館開班。地址是 9201 Scott Drive, Rockville, MD 20850 。歡迎舊雨新知來共襄勝舞!詳情請致電謝老師 (240) 418-5663 或電郵 查詢。

Tutoring Program The program for school year 2018-19 ended on May 18, 2019.  Effective June 2019, Mr. Zhendong Chen will be the president and program director of CAPSA.  Tutors and tutees who have already pre-registered for the program for next school year may attend the first tutoring session on September 14, 2019.  New tutors and tutees can apply to join the program on the registration day on September 7, 2019 between 10 am to 12 noon at Robert Frost Middle School.  For more information, please contact Mr. Zengdong Chen at or (301) 686-4237.

課業輔導 本學年課業輔導於五月十八日結業典禮後完滿結束。感謝大家參與和支持CAPSA課業輔導。陳震東老師將於六月起正式接任本會會長和課業輔導主任職務。已辦理下學年課業輔導優先註冊的學生和小老師,請於2019914 (星期六) 上午十時到佛洛斯特初中 (Robert Forest Middle School) 正式上課。有意參加小老師工作或接受輔導的同學,可於本年97(星期六)上午十時至中午十二時﹐親臨佛洛斯特初中辦理新學年註冊。詳情請致電陳震東老師 (301) 686-4237 或電郵 查詢。

 Map and Directions to Robert Frost Middle School:  佛洛斯特初中的地圖及往初中的指示 (Click Here/請按此欄)

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Founded in 1988, the Chinese American Parents and Students Association (CAPSA) represents its constituents to address educational issues and needs to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) system in Montgomery County, Maryland. The organization also promotes cross-cultural understanding in Montgomery County, provides assistance to new immigrant families in adjusting their lives in the Montgomery County educational system and utilizes a vast resource bank to enhance the multicultural environment in the MCPS.

華裔家長學生協會於 1988 年成立。本會代表會員向馬里蘭州-蒙哥馬利郡公立學校 (MCPS) 表達對教育方針及教學需要的意見,促進郡內跨文化交流,協助新移民家庭適應蒙哥馬利郡的教育系統,並向蒙哥馬利郡公立學校提供資源,加強多元文化教育環境。

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CAPSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with tax-exempt status approved by the IRS.  Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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Map and Directions to Robert Frost Middle School:  佛洛斯特初中的地圖及往初中的指示 (Click Here/請按此欄)