CAPSA Tutoring Program

Our mission

CAPSA offers tutoring services for K-12 students during the MCPS academic term. Our sessions run from 10 AM to 12 PM every Saturday. We aim to provide quality and personalized one-on-one tutoring for each student to address their educational and personal needs. Our tutors and program leaders are student volunteers eager to help other students in need. If you're interested in our program, please check the Resources page to find registration and other forms.

Tutees welcome

We offer students in need tutoring in multiple subjects.

  • Tutoring for all grades K-12.
  • We teach many subjects, including math, English, science, and more.
  • One on one tutoring for all students.

Student tutors

All our tutors are eager volunteers.

  • We are certified by MCPS to offer SSL hours.
  • Great opportunities to help students in need.
  • Tutors are paired with students in same age group.

Coordinator positions

Tutors who demonstrate enthusiasm, leadership, and reliability can become coordinators for their age groups.

  • Coordinators work with tutors and tutees to manage their age groups.
  • Opportunities to practice and exercise leadership.
  • Coordinators who excel in their position can become lead coordinators.

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