Award Ceremony 05/22/10

MC, Sujuan Shih, started off the Award Ceremony

Adult volunteers with guest presenter, Dr. William Prather.

Adult class teachers.

5-year Service Awardees.

2nd Annual Carol Chen Memorial Essay Contest Awardees with Dr. Leung and John Li.

2010 Graduating Seniors.


Tutee Attendance & Achievement Awardees.

Perfect Attendance Tutors & Coordinator.

Outstanding Tutor Awardees.

High School and Middle School Tutors.

Longest Serving Tutor/Coordinator: Ann Xi.

Sujuan Shih and Dr. Aldrin Leung presented a gift to Dr. William Prather, Coordinator, Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs.

Reception snacks was set up.

Dessert Table

Meeifang Wu, Sue Lin, and Michelle Chang attended to the drinks.

Delicious year end feast!

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